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Hafod Brewery & Bar Cymru

What's In A Name?

When you order from Hafod's website your payment will appear as BARCYMRU LTD on any bank statements. Bar Cymru is a separate company owned by the same people who own and run Hafod i.e. it's still us!

The reason for the difference is due to licensing. When we first set up Bar Cymru, it was envisioned as the 'public-facing' company we would use for events and the like whereas Hafod would be the trade only company.

Consequently we applied for a licence as Bar Cymru not Hafod. As we were never selling direct to the public except at festivals or tours, this worked fine for us. Obviously times have changed in the last few months and we made a decision to sell direct from the brewery.

To stay within the licensing setup we agreed with the council we have carried on using Bar Cymru as our public facing entity.

When it's a bit quieter and we have some time, we'll sort out the license for Hafod to do the same.

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